Installation and requirements:

Why do I need Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed?
X-Shrink is developed in .NET and requires the Installation of Framework 2.0. You can download MS .NET Framework 2.0 from the Microsoft Website.

Which system requirements X-Shrink has?
For using X-Shrink you need minimum a Pentium2 400 Mhz with about 128MB of RAM.

Do I need Microsoft Excel installed to use X-Shrink?
Yes, X-Shrink requires the installation of Office Excel XP or 2003.

Using X-Shrink

I cannot open a X-Shrinked file. What is the problem?
The X-Shrink compression process requires that you change your macro security setting in Excel from high to medium. If you are a user in a corporate network, you might have insufficient rights to change the settings in Excel. Please contact your system administrator to set macro security to medium.

What happens when I click on a shrinked Excel file?
X-Shrink compresses all content from your source file into a new empty Excel file.When you open a shrinked file Excel will decompress all content into a new Excelfile into the folder where your shrinked file is stored.Be sure that you have sufficient rights to decompress the file on the folder. If the original Excel sheet is stored there too, X-Shrink will ask you to overwrite the original file.Usually you should decompress your Excel sheet in a different folder like the source file.

I want to make batch processing. Can I use X-Shrink with commandline?
Yes, PowerShrink PRO has powerful commandline featuresplease contact sales@topbytelabs.com for further information. X-Shrink PRO costs 399.95 USD.

I want to make changes in a X-Shrinked file. What happens?
When you open a shrinked file it will be automatically expanded to the original size. After making changes it will be saved in its original size. You have to use X-Shrink again after your worked on the Excel sheet.

I have files that belong to an Excel sheet. Can I compress them as well?
Yes, with X-Shrink you can add as many files as you want. They will be automatically shrinked within the Excel sheet and decompressed after starting the shrinked file into the folder where the shrinked file is stored.

I want to use X-Shrink direct from Microsoft Excel. Is it possible?
X-Shrink as Add-in for Microsoft Excel will be released soon. Just visit our webpage www.X-Shrink.com for updates.



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